John Kocur

Dear Friends and Family,

Are you tired of the politics and uncivil discourse this election season?  Then come on out and partake in what America is really about by experiencing some live jazz music.  We celebrate our differences on the bandstand while negotiating our agendas and making comprimises as we improvise innovative solutions to the musical moment right in front of your eyes. 


This coming Tuesday (10/15) the NOVA Jazz Faculty will be hosting our 2nd annual NOVA Jazz Faculty Recital in rm. 130 of the Tyler Building at the Alexandria campus from 2-3PM.  This event is free and open to the public.


I picked up a casual gig this Saturday (10/13) with Russell Lucas at Gunni's Restaurant in Manassas, VA from 6-9PM.  Come on out and enjoy a nice meal or drink to some cool tunes.


I'm really looking forward to my next semi-annual showcase at Twins Jazz on Thursday, December 20th.  This time around, I'll be joined by two of my good friends Amy Bormet and Cristian Perez (and others) as we perform some beautiful Brazilian and Argentinian music.  You've got to hear some of Cristian's killer arrangements on the tango music of Astor Piazzolla.  I've always been enjoying the hip Brazilian songs of Ivan Lins and I'm looking forward to playing that music with these guys (and gals).  As always, we'll also be performing some of our original music as well.


Good luck to each of you!  I hope to see some of you in the coming months.





"It’s no sin to regard a concert called “Songs of Hope and Love” with some skepticism. It’s a moldy old trope, for one thing, and songs about hope and love are hardly novel. For John Kocur’s Thursday night performance at Twins Jazz, though, it’s dead on. The Northern Virginia alto saxophonistled a quintet (and occasional sextet) through a set of music as nakedly emotional as instrumental jazz can get."  — Michael West, Washington Post
"Up-and-coming local jazz musician John Kocur is carving out a niche as a versatile player who can fit into a number of situations."  — Sriram Gopal, DCist
"...audiences should anticipate a personalized performance from Kocur’s gigs. Kocur smiled, sweated, and joked with the crowd between songs. Kocur and his band played, in more than one sense of the term."  — Chelsea Muth, Fairfax Connection
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