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Deep in The Ozark Mountains, Vancouver's Vile Ent has returned - spearheading the final mix of the first Vile Ent album, Morning Wood. Vile Ent believes he has found the Heart Wood here, in the form of a jewel named Willow. She has called him here out of Love and a Higher Wisdom, to a geological point that by proxy, leads the Ent to the next stage in his revolutionary work.
For the last 3 months, Vile Ent has been actively observed by Anti-Ent agents, who work for those determined to maintain the state of psychic slavery of the human species; they are desperate now to keep the status quo as universal conditions converge to give humans a great opportunity to progress to the next level of their collective journey.
Fearful lizardine haters of base unnatural order would much prefer to continue using the Earth as a gargantuan metaphysical whorehouse, and see Vile Ent as a possible obstruction toward that evil end. An attempt on Vile Ent's life was made on August 3rd, 2012 - Death By SUV and another such seemingly family-oriented vehicle. The assailants missed, but were unphased by the impact of a monstrous nrgee drynke catapulted by the Ent onto their windshield. Vile Ent was not prevented from entering The Land Of The Free later that same month, but was diverted from making contact with members of the tribe of hairy Ent-cousins known as Sasquatch just last night, by another Anti-Ent agent. Vile Ent's brain was then blasted with a lamoid radioactive assault to make him feel alienated from Willow, hated by the Sasquatch, and to believe he should go "home" to Vancouver. Vile Ent did not buy this noise, however, and remains unperturbed.
He will now be alone in The Ozarks for a few days, and will further intitiate the final mix of Morning Wood and the creation of his alternative webzine, Vile-Views.com. Another site will be his official music site, Vile-Ent.com. So we shall see if further attacks to Vile Ent's person or electronic presence will ensue from the Anti-Ent agents, after sharing this sensitive information with YOU. I'm keeping my wooden fingers crossed. This will be the last Vile Ent mail-out on ReverbNation, until the completion of the Vile Ent official sites further news will be posted @
Thanks for your support,
Vile Ent


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