Wiltshire And The Chosen Few

Hello to all who enjoy not having raw sewage at their feet and the comfort of warm food!


Thank you to all of you who continually brave the crazy winter Florida elements and come out to see myself and other musicians on a regular basis.  We love it and frankly couldn't do it without you. 


The upcoming weeks are pretty busy so have a look below and see.  I'd love to see some or all of ya at some or all of the shows.


March 22 and 30 are gonna be a bit different.  These are song-writer "In the round" shows that my friend Dean Johanesen does.  He has these shows in Sarasota and Orlando and I will be bringing it to Lakeland... thanks Dean.  Make sure you come to these.  They will be a blast.  Tunes and tales are what they are about.


Hope everyone is well and many blessings to you all especially if you are stuck on a boat.






Preservation Hall Lakeland, FL Sat Jan 17 2015 08:00 PM  
Will's Pub Orlando, FL Sun Feb 08 2015 08:00 PM  
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