The Wayside Shakeup

Philadelphia, PA
Americana / Rock / Pop
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 Hey Waysiders--

Legendary Dobbs again on Saturday night!  

Feb. 2, 2013.

10 pm. 
304 South St. Philadelphia Pa. 19147.  

Them's the facts.  So what else do you need to know?  Well, the set will include the usual cross-section of old and new.  You'll hear some of your favorites from The Wayside Shakeup, our debut album from 2011, and you'll hear some of the tunes we've written since then that have become staples of our set, and you'll hear at least two new original songs and one new cover that have not yet seen the light of day.  A little something for everyone.  


Oh, and we plan to get funky.  So bring your funky shoes.  


We're expecting a strong hometown contingent as two of the other bands on the bill have roots in Haddon Township (The Lost Will Follow, Party The Hut).  We're also happy to have fans coming in from places like New York, Baltimore, and Vegas, baby!  It's gonna be wild.


In other news, two (2) D'Antonio's are celebrating birthdays around this time.  Feel free to wish any D'Antonio you see a happy one, you've got about a 40% chance of getting it right.  


So come on out.  Be ready to dance, scream, and sing along.  We'll take care of the rest.

See you Saturday!



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"Raible, D’Antonio and Volansky all contribute to lyrics, which means three different perspectives on all aspects of life including relationships to commentary to the realities of adulthood. Furthermore, they deliver Americana music with a little bit of edge, funk, old fashioned, rock and roll, and everything in between with full force. Nothing is done halfheartedly."  Melissa Duong, That Mag

"The band came together through high school connections and the magic of Craigslist. Chris and Rob were playing acoustic shows for a while, but eventually wanted more. This lineup played its first show together after literally one rehearsal. Three hours in the basement plus nine songs plus a 45-minute set. How do you do that math? We went right into the deep end, no goggles, nothing. It worked out. We’ve been playing in Philly and Jersey ever since."  Vents Mag

"I know good music when I hear it! This is a modern all american rock band rooted in multitude of musical places. Capturing so many styles and genres, a true mixture and "shakeup" on the norm, "The Wayside Shakeup" is what happens when creative and talented artists get together and stay true to their pasts and the music that inspires them. With their own unique sound and cult following forming, I predict they will only continue to get bigger and better."  Christopher Kellz, The Watchtower


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