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 Hey Everyone!


Its been a while since we sent anything out and we do apologize. Things have been a bit crazy. Some amazing things have been happening. For one... WE GOT SIGNED! We are proud to be  part of the Mental Itch Records family. Lots of talk with sponsors, possible touring, video shoots and other exciting things on the horizon. Thanks so much to all of you... the Mechanism Mafia for making all this possible.


We also have a new website up with an up to date show schedule, music, videos our bio and more. Check that out here




Saturday May 4th -

FREE Fan Appreciation show -


The Liberty Theater, 116 w main street, Puyallup WA


Friday May 31st

Benefit for Ryan Renfileds family for the fire related tragedy in Idaho

 7PM - ALL AGES - $10

 Louie Gs, 5219 Pacific Hwy E, Tacoma, WA


Friday June 14th

KGON Summer Showcase *PORTLAND*

9PM - 21+ - $7

The New Copper Penny, 5932 SE 92nd Ave, Portland, OR.


Saturday June 15th

Little Ben's Birthday Bash

9PM - 21+ - $7 

One Eyed Jacks - 14019 Washington 99 Lynnwood, WA


In other news Mechanism has been rocketing up the Reverbnation charts. We thank you all so much for playing our songs and helping to spread the word. We are currently #1 locally, #68 nationally and #158 globally for the metal Genre. Thats literally out of tens of thousands of bands. We are truly honored!!!


Michelle and Rob Whitowrth have joined the team and are doing a great job with PR. They have started the official Mech fan club called The Mechanism Mafia. We are doing some really cool things for our fans like private shows, free tickets to shows, merch and music! You can join by CLICKING HERE


We will be trying to get these Newsletters out at least once a month. Lots of cool stuff coming up on thbe horizon so stay tuned.


Mechanism would like to give special thanks to our road crew and support staff for doing such an awesome job!


Mark Leamer - Road Manager

Rick Pudmaroff - Guitar tech

Randy J. Towns Jr - Drum Tech

Eric Mclagen - Roadie

Dillan Pudmaroff - Roadie

Terry Keller - Merchandise Manager

Rob and Michelle Whitworth - PR & Media relations

Shannon Harper - Video and video editing







"With heavy influences from legendary metal bands, such as Megadeth, Slayer, Randy Rhoads, and Pantera, one can say that Mechanism rocks harder than Crue used to, and they are obvious in their determination to bring back the integrity that was once given to the metal genre, by all of those legends. This is a band that is destined for legendary status, having become one of the most popular metal bands in the pacific northwest. This is a band that the world needs to see and hear."  Little Queen, LQM - Little Queen Music

"'Shadows and Dust' delivers ten tracks that include some unique and powerful cross genre gems to help solidify a diverse release from beginning to end. 'Shadows and Dust' is a fitting title track that reveals Mechanism refining their sound on both a production and musical level. It's heavy but comfortable enough to please fans from multiple genres. 'Illuminati' showcases the band as a tight knit unit and 'Devil with a Gun' is a very cool new tune, along with 'Them'-a zombie apocalypse inspired tune, that reinforces this band is ready for anything. 'And just in case anyone starts thinking Mechanism might be losing the metal edge crank up 'Prepare for War' then think again. If you want the best music then it really doesn't get any better than this. The musicianship is exceptional and the music outstanding. Ultimately the true test is in the listening and the results in the listener. 'Shadows and Dust' by Mechanism is a groundbreaking debut of a band you will hear lots more from."  Omar Reyna, METAL MONTHLY

"The new Mechanism CD "Shadows & Dust" OH MY GOODNESS!! Wait till ya hear this CLASSIC! Might be one the best metal albums out of the Seattle/Tacoma area since one of the classic Metal Church CD's back in the 80s! Brutal, melodic, crushing yet radio friendly!"  Mike Savoia, Savoia Concert & Event Photography


Louie G's Tacoma, WA Sat Feb 21 2015 08:00 PM  
Sound Check Bar and Grill Lynnwood, WA Sat Mar 14 2015 08:00 PM  
Ash Street Saloon PORTLAND, OR Sat May 02 2015 08:00 PM  
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