Mike Vitale, Maria Quiles & Rory Cloud
The Violethour
The Hawkline Monster
Fullerton, CA

Hi ,

It's been a long time—several months if I'm not mistaken—and my apologies for my absence.


I assure you that my new album is nearly done.  As a side note, thank you all once again for making this album happen VIA our Kickstarter campaign in Fall of 2012.  I have taken time away from social media to better concentrate on my art rather than its promotion, and I hope that what you will have to hear shortly will be a fair testimant to that notion.

In the meanwhile, I thought I would resurface from the loony corridors of my creative undercurrent to share a bit of what I've been wading through musically in a very intimate show with my good friends Maria Quiles and Rory Cloud on tour from San Francisco.

Now, when I say intimate, I mean it.  It's all going to be about the music on Friday night.  A nice quiet room to enjoy some home spun songs.  No espresso machines blaring, no people ordering food—simply an art gallery (The Violethour), musicians (*tip my hat*), and the people coming to listen (you).


Maria and Rory are a musical songwriting duo that sounds like honey of the gods, so be a bear and get some:


FRIDAY March 22nd 2013 


The Violethour

225 W. Santa Fe Ave.Fullerton, CA 92832


Doors open at 7:00PM—music begins promptly at 7:30PM


This is an ALL AGES and FREE event, however we will be taking donations to help pay for Rory and Maria's tour expenses in a typical-house-show-like fashion.  No need to pony up a bunch of cash, or any at all if you are so inclined.


Alcohol and Adult Libations will be available for consumption, however, you will need to bring your own to enjoy.  The Violiet Hour has a strict policy on the consumption of the alcohol on their premises, which I will provide below for further reading.


Since the Violethour is an art gallery, I would recommend bringing some folding chairs for the show if you are interested in sitting for the event.


Rory, Maria, and I would all be so lucky to have you for the final night of their tour across the United States.  I feel blessed to be joining them, as well as you should you make it!


For further information on Maria and Rory, as well as samples of their music:




Cheers folks!  Hope to see you all Friday.


- Mike



Violethour Rules for consumption of alcohol-

1)  We (us musicians) have to provide/serve the alcohol in order to ensure we serve no minors and that we don't over serve, or serve an already intoxicated/altered person.

2)  People can bring in their own liquor; but doing so is considered a donation to the bar. We would however, put their name/save their donation for them as best as we could/can."



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"Mike Vitale is an eclectic consumer, from the idiosyncratic writings of Richard Brautigan, whose book, "The Hawkline Monster" is the genesis of his bands name, to the Beach Boys he remembers singing along to in fifth grade and the classic musical that infused his days in choir. Those influences permeate the original songs he's created on his band's debut album, "We Create and We Are Created.""  — Joel Beers, OC Weekly
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