Alexander Page

Saint-Jean-De-Védas, FR
Instrumental / Instrumental / Pop/Progressive
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Hi there you wonderful people!!!!Hope you're all having some wonderful time!!!Here's the throwback of the week :"Pianomental Breakdown No1",i was inspired by french composers like : Debussy,Ravel,Satie...But mostly Debussy!!!Enjoy!!!!


"I really love this. Always love music based on a distinct, persistent rhythm with slight variations, actually it feels like "a kind of calm before the storm". I especially liked: Momentary Beauty Theme, Fallen Conqueror, Tempus Fugit, One Moment Please, Farewell, Momentary Beauty ( all parts ), Enchanted, Open Heart, When Night Falls, and some others. Some of them reminded me of the music to these old noir movies ( with its suspense, anxiety etc. ), and of rock music of late 60s-early 70s - mostly psychedelic/progressive rock, those bands that used piano in their compositions. Also, in some fragments I found a slight resemblance to Philip Glass, Michael Nyman, and probably John Williams." Yaroslav Gerzhedovich  Yaroslav Gerzhedovich, Facebook Artist Page

"Alexander Page is one of the most talented young composers of the last ten years!!Absolutely Terrific!!!A "Pot - Pourri" of incredible tunes!!!"  Alexander Page, Page?...Alexander Page?!


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