St. Paul de Vence

Hi Everyone!


You haven't heard from us for a while, but we've been hard at work and we have some great pieces of news for you. 


The first is we've got a new member of the St. Paul de Vence family!  Lydia Ramsey has come to play banjo, mandolin, trumpet, concertina and guitar with us, as well as adding her sweet voice to the harmonies!  On top of being way talented, she's way cool and has been a perfect fit for the gang.


Second, Kale Lotton & Jonny Gundersen of Le Wrens will be joining us on bass and drums for the summer!  We are super excited to have them back in the fold for a list of really fun shows (that's coming...just wait...).  Yeah, they're pretty darn talented and cool, too.  So, this is starting to get out of hand...


The third piece of news is regarding the wonderful list of shows we'll be playing this summer.  We're kicking it off, Spring style, with Northwest Folklife Festival this very Saturday; then July gets crazy with a Tacoma, WA summer concert series show; two (count 'em, two!) nights in Wenatchee with our dear favorites, Le Wrens; then we play Seattle City Hall's Thursday Noon series; and then....drumroll please...WE'RE PLAYING BUMBERSHOOT THIS YEAR!!!  HOORAY!!!!


So, be sure to go to to check up on the summer schedule for the where? what? why? when? how much? of it all. 


We hope to see many of you out there.  We're just so excited about all the great things happening and all the wonderful people we get to share it with.  Be well.  Thank you for listening!


Ben & SPdV



"From confessional tell-alls (that feel like coming home to your own heart while dancing in the mirror) to verses the whole band sings acapella style, St. Paul’s performance explores the far reaches of their own sound and emotions."  — Brandon Taylor, Seattle Living Room Shows Blog
"St Paul is a great band. Friendly and engaging from stage, the lyrics seem to hold the full story of a relationship. At times gentle and sweet, the sweet nothings whispered in a lover’s ear, sung in heart-wrenchingly tender harmonies and lines. Other songs hold the tension and eggshells of a fight not had, the conversation’s opportunity long past. Regardless, the vocal chemistry between Benjamin Doerr and multi-instrumentalist and vocalist Lydia Ramsey is uncanny."  — The Monarch Review
"Between switching instruments, strumming, and singing, the members are in constant motion…They are a jumble of styles, seamlessly brought together with strong vocals and perfectly placed harmonies."  — Seattle Music Insider
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