TE Fireoved

Philadelphia, PA
Instrumental / Alternative / Electroacoustic Instrumental
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just wanted to keep in the loop and wave a hand to you and say hi! ~i have a new song i recently added~hi fred~ ~ i'm in the studio now cooking up some guitar suprprises and a video as well♥ hit me up if you can on facebook and hit the "like" button ~or on reverbnation and click the +1~ i'll totally return the favor in kind~ Be well, be inspired~ health, happiness and good fortune to you!♥!


"He was a smashing bloke. He used to give his mother flowers and that."  Stig O' Tracey, pyhthon press

"He's as good Live as He is in Person!"  some guy

"Click here and Scroll down about 70% - it's a short one about freedom."  TE Fireoved-, Viva Liberty!


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