Mechelen, BE
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I havea quesiton for you. becaus eyoua re aalso on reverbnation.
Do you feel yourself satisfied with ti?honestly.
When you send soemthing with Fan Reach, the average read is 10% and who clcisk throu what you give is only the 1% to 3% of the 10%.
Thus if you launch 500 emails, only 50 people read it throug, and only 5-10 people (if yo are lucky)
Honestly, after years im' on RN, I feel that all of us we are just in astadium where everybody is shoudint, no one is one is tacking minimally care about what he/she receives, because what's important for each one, is what they send.

What is your opiinion about? Sicnerely and without trying to mask realities ... thank you so much
Thank you so much in advance
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