Claremont, NH
Rock / punk / garage rock
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You like cool songs? hot chicks? puppets? Well... our new video has them all :)


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Support original music and rock on!


"Ellis described New Hampshire’s The Pretty Corpses as showing influence from punk legend G.G. Allin, though more in his choice of subjects than his antics, which cannot be accurately described in a family newspaper. “They don’t do the bad stuff on stage,” Ellis said. “They sing about trailer park girlfriends, stuff like that. They rock live.”"  rutland herald

"I dig into their single “Queen of The Trailer Park” and hear the dirty solos and over driven drugs and can’t help but feel the downright dirty punk of the middle 80’s. We are not talking pop punk- Ramones, Green Day or The Fall; We are talking about The Jabbers or New York Dolls here."

"The Pretty Corpses thrash somewhere between punk metal and the New York Dolls"  What Doth Life Musician Cooperative, the Compass


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