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Hi again friends and fans,BeatsBeast here to let you know that a new song has been uploaded to our playlist titled, "You Can Have Her". produced by myself and performed by B. Ezy





"Though "Click Clack" is my favorite track on here, the most innovative sounding beat would be the minimalist "Grown and Sexual". It starts out with a heartbeat kick pattern with some reverberated claps, and the ever so sparse fx. Then the synth sound comes in every four beats. This is simplicity done right." — Carlito, Music Emissions

"Ironically, B.EZY and BeatsBeast sound best when they are the most relaxed. I bring up "Grown and Sexual" again. B.EZY is so laidback, he's practically talking over a beat that has plenty of breathing room. Lyrically and musically, it has a very Kid Cudi sound to it." — CARLITO, Music Emissions

"When thinking of Hiphop and Michigan (together, that is), the usual artist that comes to most people's minds would undoubtedly be Eminem (along with his D12 crew). Those a little more familiar with the area would recognize a few other names, such as Insane Clown Posse and Guilty Simpson. But hailing from Eastpointe, Michigan is another act that may be under your radar: producer BeatsBeast along with his artist B.ZY." — Carlito,

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You Can Have Her
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