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Just wanted to remind you all about Saturday night's show. I asked  Sa Lar  to open up the evening. If you like Leonard Cohen and Cat Stevens with an Indian-influenced style of playing guitar and singing, then I suggest you come early. He's a local favorite of mine. His live performances can put you in a trance.



(3800 N. Clark St, Chicago; 773-929-3680) 

They've got good food and a good beer selection.


Sa Lar is on at 10pm, and I will go on around 10:30pm  

$8 cover

And some news: I'm ranked #2 on the Chicago local charts for indierock on Reverbnation. Ranking is done by listeners (duh) and you've all helped me get there... thank you!

Another interesting find: I was updating my music/artist website in which I was adding videos and needed youtube links. I recently found this: http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=h3mYUYw_l_USomeone from Bulgaria very recently made this video  and posted it for a song I wrote in 2006. 

And a man from the UK recently bought all of my recordings after hearing a song put out on an EP from 2005 which was never officially released anywhere but my website and bandcamp. It's not on itunes, emusic, pandora, spotify and the like... He bought the EP and the other 3 LPs were soon to follow (thank you, Richard). I plan on singing that song on Saturday (haven't played it in at least 7 years).

Good things are happening lately. Thanks, Chicago... I think it has something to do with you! I still love and miss you, New York.

Hope to see you -- yes, you... real people, in the flesh (with clothes on, of course) -- on Saturday!




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"Russo is one talented performer. And Fragile Animal is one of those indie gems you’ll immediately want to spread the word about."  Jonathan Sanders, Hear! Hear!

"radiant and magical… Fragile is Russo’s stunning tour de force."  Mark Suppanz, The Big Takeover

"the album presents ten richly layered, melodic rock songs mixing literate, attentively crafted singer-songwriter fare with occasional touches of garage-rock edginess and NYC chug."  The Archivist, Folly Of Youth


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