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Apopka, FL
Metal / Progressive / Experimental
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 Happy belated new year, folks. It's time for the thing that I don't do as much as I should. To start to briefly update everything, I realize I haven't done much as far as uploading a new track. My goal was to have a new song written by the end of 2012, but unfortunately that didn't happen. Though I'm going to be very occupied (considering the fact that I'm going to start working two jobs by the upcoming Monday), I'm still determined to write. I've already begun the process and I hope to write in a significant abundance.


For those keeping up, I've been trying to play a live performance for over three months now and I wasn't successful in that either. In hindsight, let alone transportation issues, perhaps performing solo wouldn't be as effective as I would hope. But what I do hope to do is start or join a band so that would be more effective to my musical career, since maintaining a solo project by feeding off the internet is not very beneficial. Even if I receive lack of luck in that attempt, I'll always support my solo project nonetheless with original work. I have been saying for the past few months that I'll get myself going but never got around to it, but now since I will be able to fund HALF the things I plan to do, I will be able to do what I want without finances standing in the way. Seriously, I'm going to get myself out there somehow.


I plan on working on these fields: Writing/recording, photography, merch designing, and videos (even though I don't know what I would be filming). Writing/recording have already been explained. I would love to have a (somewhat experienced) photographer. I picked up photography a lot in the past month, I suppose I've been very interested in it. Therefore, I am interested in having a photographer (someone who can do photos at performance is a plus. Multiplication...) Merch design. I have not designed a new merch item since the beginning of fall if I remember correctly. Videos. I'm not sure what I would video record other than guitar covers. Perhaps I can do another video of me at a music store. At any rate, I hope to get back on the train real soon. I've got lots coming.


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"Enjoyed my visit and really like your sound. I wish you only the best here on Reverbnation and in all you do."  Justin Langston, Reverbnation


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