We are looking for people to join our street team all across the country. Especially St. Louis, Columbia,KC, and St. Joseph Missouri. Omaha and Lincoln Nebraska. Denver Colorado. Lawrence Kansas. Portland Oregon. San Fran. Tampa. Most major cities nationwide. Street teamers will receive free admission ( +1 ) as well as free SCATFR schwag. Just go tohttp://www.reverbnation.com/spongecakeandtheflufframblers
Join our mailing list and check the Street Team box! It's all FREE. We will mail you handbills and fliers. You post a few fliers, pass out some handbills, post on your social media sites. Bring a friend to the show, hang with the band, get some free schwag and become the most important part of the madness that is SCATFR!
Music, lyrics, videos, concert schedule, and more at ReverbNation.
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