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Signel-Z Wants You


If you are on this list, you are probably a close friend and there is also a good chance that you are a respected fellow musician. There are some folks who are revered fans who just signed up because they liked what they heard (thank you so much).


We are so happy to be coming off of Steve's six-month post-surgery hiatus and so psyched to play for you. And, the group is sounding energized and sporting new material.


We need your help, please drop on in to some of the upcoming shows so that we can play for you and connect the sound and energy with our friends and peers.


Kind regards,


Steve I (for Signel-Z)


P.S. Laughing Goat performances are from 9 - 11pm


"I really enjoyed that Steven. I can tell you guys really LOVE!! your craft in music.That's when happiness begins."  Kenny Mosely, Fandalism (Signel-Z)

"Signel-Z brings a cool sound that calms the nerves while simultaneously stoking the soul."  Custom Music Magazine

"Old Louisville Inn Thanks so much, you guys are GREAT!"  G, Old Louisville Inn Facebook Page


The Laughing Goat Boulder, CO Tue Mar 31 2015 08:00 PM  
Berkeley Inn Denver, CO Fri Jul 10 2015 07:30 PM  
Edgewater Farmer's Market Edgewater, CO Thu Jul 16 2015 06:00 PM  
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