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Greetings  ,

It’s been very busy for me the last few weeks. We dropped off my oldest son Henry to college to start his junior year. He’s been doing well so far in school with straight A’s My daughter Eleanor started her sophomore year in high school and is involved with many activities and my youngest son is in 5th grade who just started up cub scouts soon to be a boy scout. It’s been busy but good.


The Christhaven concert went very well despite a bit of rain. It looked like it was going to get nasty but the rain held off. People came out and they loved the concert. It was fun for me and the band as well. 

Concert Update
I am performing mostly private engagements right now so that’s keeping me very busy. I’ll be sending out info for festivals here in the next month or so. If you have contact information for festivals, clubs etc, please send them my way or try and pleas eget me a booking. 

Creating the moments for your kids

Well it doesn’t happen as often as I would like it to but a few weeks ago, a special moment was created for my youngest son Samuel. He’s 10 and never been to a professional baseball game. So I took him and my oldest son to see the KC Royals. They were playing the Oakland A’s. That night the Royals beat Oakland. That was also the night the Royals moved into 1st place by .5 game ahead of Detroit. It was a very crowded stadium and the roar of the crowd filled the place. It was great to have both my son’s experience that. 


I recently performed at a private party for a group of people I have performed for in the past. This party was to celebrate a friend’s birthday even though his birthday was 3 months away. He grew up on a farm so all his friends dressed up as his ancestors and told ancestral stories. Guys dressed up as old granny’s so it was very entertaining and amusing to watch. He was laughing the whole time but afterwards he was deeply touched. I was moved by the effort they went through for this one man. One person traveled all the way from Virginia just to be there.  Deep down this is what we were designed for. This type of community and relationship.

God Needs No Batteries..
I shared this with my youngest son Samuel while we were in a hotel room while taking my oldest son to college. It was a Sunday morning. We didn’t go to church so I opened the bible and read from psalm 18. My son loves his ipod and sometimes gets addicted to it and then he has to put it down to recharge. I asked him, what could give you more excitement God or your iPod ? he mentioned God.  I asked then, what should you spend more time with, God or your iPod ? he said God but he spends more time with his ipod. I told him, God never needs batteries and he can always refresh you and keep you charged. 

CD Update
One more song needs to be mixed and then we need to go through the final mix process. Please help me with the cd by keeping me in mind for private parties or if you hear about someone needing some great uplifting jazz saxophone music for a particular event. I appreciate any help you can offer. Also please pray for the success of this cd.

Here's some more pics from my backyard:

Thanks again for being a fan and for the encouraging emails I receive from you.  Please keep the emails coming and tell me how you’ve been enjoying the summer.

God Bless 

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 VISION: To touch the essence of the inner heart

MISSION: To open doors that lead to healing of hardships and struggles in life



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" A positive "feel-good" sound! It makes you want to get healthy and stay that way! "  Rebecca Huseby, Fitness Center

"“Georgia on My Mind, his show-stopper at the 2010 Miles Davis Jazz Festival that again earned him a standing ovation” ‘..And BTW, for any who have not heard this man play--correct that oversight as soon as possible!’ "  Ken Whiteside, Board Member of Miles Davis Jazz Festival

"Dave Panico is talented beyond words but his heart and spirit is what captures you from the moment he gets up to play. I always keep Dave in mind when I am booking events for Club D in Lee's Summit."  Chane Hutton, AZ-U-R Ministries and Club D-MASK-US


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