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Blauvelt, NY
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Hope you got a chance to check out our new video - for myouterspace. com that Stefan Waldman and I did for the "Zenoids Theme Song Contest".  Below is some info on it - 


"Myouterspace.com is looking for a cool theme for the main title of our animated musical comedy The Zenoids. Multiple-award-winning Maestro Michael Giacchino will select the finalists alongside William Shatner, Amanda Tapping and the Myouterspace creative team.



But we just wanted to let you know that it will be played tonight on:


Stoopid Daddy Radio Live, November 17th, 7-9 PM EST


The web address for the internet radio station is ...   www.area24radio.com.


Stefan Waldman (about Zenoids soundtrack): "Brian Moore Midi Guitar triggering A GR30 and a Jv1010 run through a reversed Ernie ball Stereo Pan/Volume Pedal (Allows me to Morph and Blend Multiple Synth Modules and Guitar) also Pedal driven Modulations and Glisando/Glide Midi EfX.
Who says Keyboard Players should have all the Midi Fun."    

                                                                                              Stefan Waldman and Deborah Trabolsi


I want to thank Stefan so much for his great talents, enthusiasm, guitar and techno skills AND for spending 30 hours in 1 weekend to complete this project!.  Please check him out....He's on reverbnation also....under.....Stefan Jesse


Get back to you all soon with more info on the contest!




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"Lead Pipe Cinch is a band with no shortage of flair or creativity..... Simply put, this band is comprised of serious musicians who are dedicated to writing and playing quality music."  Alexa Gilmartin, East Coast Rocker/The AQUARIAN-Arts Weekly

"The NYC-based band has a sound that can only be described as original and guitar driven, since the sheer variety of styles utilized is mind-boggling. Think Blondie meets Clapton, Joan Jett meets Allman Brothers or even Spiderman meets Santana."  Sarah Willard, eVent Magazine


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