Bird Dog Bobby Band
Wing Shack
Bird Dog Bobby Band
Orlando, FL

1st Thursday of every month!

Join us at the Wing Shack 

4650 E Michigan St, Orlando, FL

This Thursday night at 9:00 pm for some Rockin' Blues

Call club for directions (407) 381-4798

"The BDBB are veterans of the Florida Blues scene and this latest offering should do more than just cement a growing reputation as a fantastic live band. Time To Live In features Bird Dog Bobby on vocals and guitars, Reno Mussatto also singing and adding drums with Gary Whitehead on Bass. The first thing of note on this album is that it consists of all original material, no Willie Dixon covers, which however well they are performed, we have heard them all before. These tracks wear their influences on their sleeves and have a tongues firmly planted in cheeks on some of the double and single entendre lyrics. Who Told This Joker He could Drive is a barbed attack on Mr Obama with some Hendrix style licks kicking around for good measure. takes a wry look at ‘specialist’ web sites and is a bundle of fun with a walking Bassline with some fiery guitar. What you get is good honest Blues with some tongue in cheek risqué lyrics. A whole lot of fun from three grizzled blues hounds."  — Chris Phillips, BRFM February Reviews
"Time to Live In -Bird Dog Bobby Band Bird Dog Bobby Band’s 2011 release features thirteen original radio friendly blues tunes that could slot right into most NPR blues programs nationwide.The opening track “Who Told This Joker He Could Drive?” should appeal to Obama haters across the all musical genres and the rather tender ode to computer porn, “”, might get a few blues dudes to open their minds to a whole new way of getting themselves in trouble with the ol’ lady. The production is extra clean and shines with the kind of sharp edge that can only be cut with a Fender Stratocaster guitar. Like the lead guitar, the lead vocals are tuneful, tight and on time. Does Bird Dog Bobby Band got the blues? You betcha! "  — John Leach, Brevard Live Magazine
"Time to Live In - Made up of 13 original tunes, Time to Live In stems from the members’ personal experiences and is truly a labor of love. It bounces between accounts of life on the road (“Headed to Memphis”) and clever subversions of classic blues tropes, like opener “Who Told This Joker He Could Drive?” which is a thinly veiled critique of Obama and his administration. Other standouts include heavy ’70s-era rocker “Get Outta Town,” the swaggering, witty “Breakfast Time,” and “River of Life,” which sounds like a reggae-flecked outtake from the Band. This level of musicianship often comes at the expense of soul, but the Bird Dog Bobby Band have it in spades, as evinced by moving closer and title track “Time to Live In.” Rather than ending things with an abrupt bang, its slight, tasteful strings arrangement sets things back to an expectant simmer, a promise perhaps of more to come from this incredible group. "  — Tobin Bennison, The Beachside Resident
"Time to Live In" is created from equal parts of talent and creativity - consists of thirteen topical, clever and very well performed band originals. You really gotta hear this band! The opening track, "Who Told This Joker He Could Drive"? is musically hard driven and lyrically hard hitting. It's sort of a protest song that, unlike it's folk style predecessors of the sixties, is a rhythm fueled smoker. For a good time log onto "". Oddly enough, bizarre lyrics and all, the chorus on this one is a catchy sing along. With a power trio like this, I'll be hard pressed not to sound repetitive but once again, another incredibly rhythm driven track with great vocals from Reno and the gals, and guitar leads from the Bird Dog. "Oh Baby", this is one hell of a smooth shuffle. As a matter of fact, it could very well be the best of the batch. Perfect groove, perfect rhythm, perfect vocals, perfect deliverance.  — Peter "Blewzzman" Lauro, "Since 1998, the Internets Most Comprehensive Blues and Indie Mus
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