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So much to do, so little

a. time,

b. discipline,

c. willingness to forego being distracted by the open window to the entire

world that the internet provides,

d. all of the above,


to do it…


Yet, here we go.


I am doing a very special HOLIDAY SHOW on Dec. 8th in the lovely Thousand Oaks Library. I will be appearing with the even more lovely Rosemary Butler, renowned vocal coach and background singer for Jackson Brown, Linda Ronstadt, and James Taylor, heard on countless hit records, and whose new cd "You Just Watch Me" is due in Spring 2013. AND the equally lovely Deborah Pearl, singer, TV writer, and playwright, whose CD "Souvenir of You -New Lyrics to Benny Carter Classics" was released last year. I will be singing my share of irreverent (and heartwarming) holiday songs, and accompanying Debbie and Rosie on a real piano! The bald and beautiful Scotty Breadman will be providing percussive underpinnings (is that dirty?). Thanks to my longtime friend Saria Kraft for asking us to do this show as part of her “Blues, Bop, and Books” concert series at the library. Please come if you can.


Thanks to all who came to my 60th BIRTHDAY SHOW and PARTY. It was quite a bash. There were people there from all eras of my life, from Leslie Peterson, who literally lived down the street from me when I was in 2nd grade at Balboa Elementary, to some great folks I’d met only recently like songwriter/producer Ed Tree. My band kicked major musical ass, and my old friend (and major guitar god) Grant Geissman, even jumped up and joined in on the last song. Also, big thanks to my dear friend Rick Astor, who put together a DVD of pictures spanning nearly every time and event in my meandering life story.


And, as I have done for nearly 10 years, I am happy to be doing music for the Sit ‘N’ Spin Holiday Show on Dec. 13th. This is the comedy/spoken-word show that pretty much started it all in Los Angeles, started by Jill Soloway and Maggie Rowe. Maggie’s and Sit ‘n’ Spin’s support has been an integral part of my commitment to being a performing songwriter, and I am deeply in debt to her and to everyone involved. Also on that show is brilliant insane-person Eddie Pepitone. Also appearing are the hilarious Drew Droege, Terri Mintz, and my writing partner on the musical Bukowsical!, the delightfully droll Spencer Green.


AND I’ll be performing Dec. 7th with some of LA’s best songwriters for TOP TUNE – The Songwriter’s Game at the Fanatic Salon in Culver City, where we will each get 17 minutes to come up with a new original song. I’ll be appearing with the likes of Clive Kennedy, Logan Heftel, Cynthia Carle, Brad Kay, and Pam Loe.


As of this writing, there aren’t event pages for these next shows, but here’s the info:


Dec. 14 I’m doing some songs for my old friend Pablo Marz’ acclaimed storytelling show Tell It! at the Spirit Studio in Silverlake. 7:30pm, I think (check the page).


Dec. 19 I get to perform with the amazing and legendary Freebo at Genghis Cohen. I believe I will be sharing the stage with Robert Tepper and one of the greatest musicians on the planet, Chad Watson. More info as this develops.




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"Though Stockdale has worked in the music business for decades, he never considered himself a real songwriter, not like Browne or Schock. Instead, he was a gun for hire, working as an assistant for Lalo Schifrin; singing and acting in Steven Bochco's epic TV flop "Cop/Rock"; penning scores for '80s jiggle flicks like "Hard Ticket to Hawaii"; gigging and recording with Bill Mumy's rock band, The Jenerators; and writing music for TV series like "Sabrina, the Teenage Witch" and "Penn & Teller's Bulls---!" As he got older, though, Stockdale's appreciation for people like Browne grew, people who, he said, "have put their lives and their thoughts into perfect little four-and-a-half-minute novels, full of demons and saints and villains and victims." One day Stockdale finally decided it was time to stop writing "what other people wanted me to write" and, instead, commit himself to becoming a real singer-songwriter."  Ventura County Star

"The first thing that will hit you upon hearing this album is Gary Stockdale's impressive vocals. He has a voice that was sent from the heavens above. His lyrics are the second thing that will grab your attention and fast. They are representative of how he sees the world. He shoots from the hip. His sentimental side lights up the room, but he can also have you up on the dance floor in a New York minute. His sense of humor explodes and flows easily from every pore of his being. With Gary Stockdale, combine strong vocals, exceptional songwriting, natural charisma and kick ass sense of humor. Marry that with some of the finest instrumentation you can imagine, package it and you have "Sure Of Mice Elf". It is absolutely infectious! Not only is the instrumentation brilliant but the production, mixing and mastering on "Sure Of Mice Elf" top notch. Read More:"  Wendy Shashona McCall, Indie Showcase


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