The Pain Fucktory

The Hell, IN
Metal / Death Metal / Thrash Metal / Black Metal / Heavy Metal
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THE PAIN FUCKTORY`s Special edition on Rock Addict Radio (USA) this Saturday!!! featuring 3 of our Sponsored bands: DEFACED (Switzerland), SERVI DIABOLI (Spain) and TOTAL VIOLENCE (Germany). STAY TUNED!!!


THE PAIN FUCKTORY edición especial en Rock Addict Radio (USA) este Sábado!!!! presentado 3 de nuestras bandas patrocinadas: DEFACED (Suiza), SERVI DIABOLI (España) y TOTAL VIOLENCE (Alemania)- ESTÉN ATENTOS!!!


"THE PAIN FUCKTORY radio, 13rd. edition is up! (First Program of the year 2013) The current playlist is: 01. DEFACED "Insane Memories" 02. INNERGUILT "Burden Of Guilt" 03. AMPUTORY "Aghori" 04. GAPE "Penis Diddy" 05. REBLEEDING "Womanizer" 06. OBELISK "Abysmal Knights" 07. DISSECTROPHY "Sands Of Time" 08. SADISTIK FOREST "Fabrics Of Lies" 09. INHARMONIC "Ugly" 10. DISTILLERY "Damned To Purgatory" 11. DECAYING "From The Cradle To The Grave" 12. DEATHBREED "Hivemind" 13. GLUTTONY "Coffinborn" 14. SUCCOR "Hippy Waffle Iron" 15. TOTAL VIOLENCE "Acid Rain" 16. TOMB OF DEATH "Sadist" 17. FUMIGATION "Fleshlight Castration" 18. THY FINAL PAIN "Final War" 19. ISLAY "Cragganmore" 20. INDIGESTIBLE SUPPURATION "Unsated Hunger For Condemned Flesh" 21. GOREMORRHA "Total Obliteration" 22. MAAT "Disciple ov Ma´at" 23. CENTIMANI "Serpent´s Coil " 24. SERVI DIABOLI "We Are Hidden" 25. BLACK PATH "Bloodshed" 26. MORTHEM "Kill A Man"25 26. DEAD HARVEST "Disposab"  Gorthaur, THE PAIN FUCKTORY radio, 13rd. edition is up! (First Program of the year 2013)

"We are happy to add a new Radioshow to our official partner´s list, they are THE METAL ROOM from San Salvador. Welcome Brothers!!! We are very proud to work in cooperation with you! THE METAL ROOM Listen the radio here:"  Gorthaur, A new Radio Partner!!!

"PRIMORDIAL CONVICTION is an extreme underground Blackened Death Metal band, hailing from Anchorage, Alaska. They started back in 2009. Themes they use for their music are solitude, dark Anti-Theism, cynicism, fear of death, infernality and Satan... "  Gorthaur, We Have Just Signed PRIMORDIAL CONVICTION from USA!!


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