Cremona, CR, IT
Metal / Death / Thrash
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Hi there!!

Official release date for our upcoming debut album has been moved up to June 25 but in the meantime You can already pre-order Your copy at one at the following online shops:





















Feel free also to purchase direclty to us writing at pulvisetumbraofficial@gmail.com

We look forward to stay in touch with You friends/fans also on FB :-)



cheerz and rocking wishes for a great week




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"Due demo all’attivo e successivamente questo primo album per i Pulvis Et Umbra, combo lombardo dedito ad un death / thrash / black metal che oltre a pestare dannatamente ha sapientemente saputo inserire parti melodiche e assoli di tutto rispetto. Strumentalmente parlando, la band si dimostra compatta e priva di sbavature; song tirate come Lying To Yourself, Wrath And Sorrow e Architects Of War dispongono di una forte attitudine thrash metal, mentre Kosmonaut sembra attingere dalla scuola Opethiana. Procedendo con Portaits Of Myself e Hope In A better Afterlife tocchiamo anche qualche influenza gothic per la prima e atmosfere più sinistre (per via dell’uso delle keyboards) nella seconda. La song più standard del lotto rimane The Price Of Trust. Attendiamo di poter ascoltare il nuovo album""  Ermanno Martignano, ERASKOR Music Blog

"Pulvis Et Umbra play Thrash and Death metal , merged with other style elements. This album must be listened with much attention, paying this attention to the core and forgetting that the sound "could have been better". This is a very interesting band which plays a raw and implacable music, whose vocals can growl and scream, whose drumming kicks ass , whose guitars are scorching. Pulvis Et Umbra aren't innovative but very angry so that music sounds rearranged and transformed and, above all, the extreme styles are merged and embellished with some unexpected elements (like Metalcore ). Wrath and Sorrow (track number 2 of the album) is the best and most inviting example. I am quite satisfied of this album (even if the band needs a better producer): let's appreciate again the rawness of the underground."  Dalia Di Giacomo, GryphonMetal (swiss)

"Pulvis Et Umbra sounds like Lamb Of God in their old days but these Italians aren’t as progressive and not as thrashy as LoG, but way more into traditional death metal and metalcore. Their compositions have very great riffs and drumming is excellent! Plus vocalist Stefano really does sound like Randy Blythe. Band made a debut album with some pretty solid song material, but didn’t really get to finish this cake into its perfection. It’s still VERY raw and not too pretty. I’m afraid many metalheads will skip listening to this because of the quality of the sound, especially the younger ones who may not be used to metal records sounding so primitive and ‘not-so-hifi’. I will rate this album based on the song material though. The next album I really hope to be better in every single way, because this band sure has potential!!!"  SKULLBANGER Zine (Finland)


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