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New London, CT
Folk / Classical / Native American Music
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So the other day a 3rd grader walks up to me in the hall and says, "guess what? I watched the 'Attack of the Killer Tomatoes' movie with my parents this summer." Hahaha. She asked them for that because she liked my cover song of the movie's intro theme.

So flattered but humbled.

I'm telling you right now, "regarded" is one of the best feelings an artist could ever get, if you ask me. Trumps all the others. 

Have a wonderful Thursday everybody!


marco frucht


"Reggae.mid" is what got me into MIDIs. It so awesome.  Meerkat Mehrdad, Meerkat Pages

"The Wall Street Journal says Marco Capelli’s electric guitar has a kind of “giggly élan" as if "winking at the listener.""  Jim Fusili, WSJ, wSj

"Singer-songwriter Marco Frucht strikes a delicate balance."  Rick Koster, New London Day


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