Bobby Jo Valentine
Hi everyone!

I hope this wintery Wednesday finds you fit and loved and full of hope. If not, here's a virtual hug.
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...I think. I wish I knew the emoticon for that. I'll get with it. I'm hip. 

I want to introduce you guys to an amazing new upright bass player, David Sachs. We've developed a duet sound together which I think is the most fun combo for my music that I've run across...the perfect line between acoustic and a more full sound. You can watch us in action here!

To kick us off proper, my next big event is a Valentine's show on Thursday, Feb. 13th at the beautiful new Fenix Supper Club in San Rafael, CA. And here's the kicker - we're recording a live CD! There'll be brand new songs and two times - 7:30 and 9:30 - so come whever you're free. Joining me at the early show will be the spectacular Spark & Whisper, and the late show is just us so you get home at a reasonable hr. :) You can also get cool, special packages for a couple extra bucks that will help us take care of the mixing and mastering of the CD. Check out the packages and grab your tickets by clicking right here! 

I love you guys so much. Thanks for letting me do this. I have lots more stories to tell and it's only with your continued support that I'm able to keep doing this. I've had several months of full shows and friendly faces, and having a full house for this live CD show means the WORLD to me. Hope to see you very, very, very soon.

All the love in the wide, wide world,

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