Dr. Void & the Death Machines

Clifton, NJ
Rock / Rock-a-billy, Psycho-billy / Cronk, Smoove, Beastcore
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In Dr. Void's drive there's a little Barracuda.... or so the song goes.  And its inspired us to have a contest!!!!


Let's get Dr. Void & the Death Machines up to that magical, evil number of likes on Facebook!  And when it happens the band will give one random fan free stuff!  So tell your friends, your enemies, family and random strangers to check us out.  Take two seconds to like us and we'll be there in no time at all!


The randomly chosen winner will get:*
- Free Dr. Void & the Death Machines Buttons
- A Free Dr. Void & the Death Machines T-shirt
- A free copy of our next new CD!
- Free entry to a Dr. Void & the Death Machines show of your choosing for yourself and a friend!


And speaking of a new CD.  Rumor has it your favorite Evil scientist has conjured up a few new tunes to get your asses shakin'!  The band plans to finish this project by the end of this month.  Look out for record release and sale information as it becomes available!


And last but not least, the shows.....


On Friday March 29th Dr. Void & the Death Machines will be at Dingbatz in Clfton NJ, in support of the NJ Roller Derby All-stars.  Coming along for the rock'n'roll rampage----  The Silver Hounds, I.O.W.A. & The Royal Dumonts.  4 great bands, roller derby girls and two venues worth of vendors!  What more do you want?


And then on Friday April 5th, we wil be one of NJ's premier night clubs, Roxy & Dukes Rockabilly Roadhouse in Dunellen NJ with our old friends, The Living Deads!!!!!!  A night of Rock-a-billy madness brought to you by the great folks at Roxy & Dukes!  Don't miss it!


For full addresses and directions plus more information click the links provided below.


Check us out on the road, on facebook, at myspace, or on iTunes.


Can't make it to a show?  We can't promise forgivenss but relax:


The new Double EP "Double Feature" is up and ready for your grubby little hands on iTunes, Amazon, Goodle Play/Android, Rhapsody and Spotify today.. like right now!


Please explore this email for more info.


*This contest runs until 7/1/2013 or until the band receives at least 666 likes on their Facebook page- whichever comes first.  Any extention of this contest will be at the band's discretion.  Winner will be randomly chosen and announced on the band's Facebook page.  The band will not be held legally responsible for free entry to a chosen show/concert if said entry is not available for any reason (show is sold out, headlining act won't allow entry, venue won't allow entry,etc...) The band is not responsible for the reaction of friends, family and stangers or any other person who you might suggest like us on facebook.


"... the best rockabilly band in NJ..."  Michael Enoches, ME Publishing/ Alternative Revolution Magazine

"This album is jammed packed with fourteen songs that just, rock. A stylish combination of post-punk, ghoulish themes, and rockabilly licks. It's not the same as seeing them live (which I'm telling DO), but the driving guitar, the geeky themes (my favorite being: you look better when you're deader). The whole album is a lot of fun, a lot of danceable beats, and just a great change of pace than what most people end up listening to. "  Maggie May Jay, Sputnik Music

"The entire record rocks with a mixture of Animalized R&B, touching and melodic barrelhouse rock ‘n’ rave, menacing, and old-style punk. "  Phil Rainone, Jersey Beat


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