Zach Vinson  |  Nashville, TN

Good afternoon my furry little friends,


There is a storm brewing. 


And it is made out of candy.


Remember those Skittles commercials where it would rain Skittles from the heavens?  I would always brainstorm ways to collect as many as possible before they got too dirty to eat.  I think a lot of tarps were involved in my best scheme.


Anyway, this storm will be similar to those commercials, but probably less painful than being pelted with thousands of Skittles.


I'm leaving Tennesee behind for a while to give you....The Treat or Treat Tour!  (Because nobody likes getting tricked). 


My band is coming along with me this time, and I'm super excited for you guys to see how incredibly talented they are.


There will be free candy at all of the shows.

The main purpose of this is so that I can eat candy myself.  But I promise to share.


Here are the dates/venues:


Thu 10/18 - Champaign, IL (Mike n Molly's)

Fri 10/19 - Chicago, IL (Trinity Christian College)

Sat 10/20 - Sheboygan, WI (Paradigm)

Sun 10/21 - Holland, MI (Engedi)

Mon 10/22 - Grand Rapids, MI (Cornerstone University)

Tue 10/23 - East Lansing, MI (Hariet Brown House)

Wed 10/24 - Grand Rapids, MI (Mulligan's Pub)

Thu 10/25 - Columbus, OH (The Tree Bar)

Fri 10/26 - Roanoke, VA (Hollins University)


All the other pertinent details can be found at


It will be a wild storm of rock n roll and candy. 


I hope that I can see you somewhere along the way.  I know that sounds like a stupid line to get people out to the shows, but I really do mean it.  Seeing people I know and making a few new friends along the way are what make all this worthwhile.  


As always, I appreciate you reading this.  I hope these words find you well. 


And I enjoy hearing from you too.  Maybe we can be penpals.



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