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The Blue Meanie's Air Conditioner is Running at Max, so that We Can Share Some of Your Cold.

Our northeastern friends have been complaining bitterly about the low temperatures, snow, ice, freezing wind and other northeasterners complaining bitterly.  Being northeasterners ourselves, we totally feel your chill; however, since the first leg of our 2013 Further West Tour hopped down to southern Florida, we also feel warm, pampered, relaxed and embarrassingly smug.  Part 1 of our first photo album is online, as theatened, for your viewing and snarky commenting pleasure.


While visiting our photos, you'll thrill to photos of two other folk-couple friends with whom we hooked up in Florida.  First, at the Collier-Seminole State Park, we hooked up with the great Jeni & Billy.  After discussing the importance of mariachi horns on songs such as "Ring of Fire" and "I Want to See the Bright Lights Tonight," Billy took it upon himself to create a version of "Hungrytown Road," with said horns predominating.  We were so delighted with the results that "Carretera Hungrytown" is now our official ringtone.  If you want it, too, you can download it for free here until Billy catches up with us.


Next, at the Jonathan Dickinson State Park, who, but Pia and Joni, a.k.a. the great Vellamo, on tour from Finland, should grace our campground?  They're hawking their spankin'-new, marvelous debut CD, recorded at our own, humble, Song Catcher Recording, and co-produced by our dear houseboy, Ken.  We will also share the stage with Vellamo on two occassions this month.  Though their new album is not yet available at your local Tower, you can still hear selections on Soundcloud


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Alone again on Valentine's Day?  Have a date with us on or  On second thought, forget it, as we'll probably be out.


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