Songs of Water

Who: Songs of Water, Jude Moses
When: Fri Mar 29 2013 @ 07:00 PM
Where: The Harvest House Performing Arts Centre, Boone, NC

Hey Friends,


This Friday we will complete our string of March shows by returning to one of our favorite cities (and venues) in NC. 

Join us at The Harvest House Performing Arts Venue at 7pm.


Jude Moses will open up the evening.  If you haven't heard them, you are in for a treat. 


Just so you know, we will not be touring much after this show until August.  We are hoping to gain some major traction in the studio and spend time crafting a new live set.  Making records is not for wimps! Its hard and intensive work especially when you are writing the material in the studio! 



Thanks so much to everyone who contributed to our fundraiser.  We raised over $5,000. through Indie GoGo and $4000. through outside sources.  We are well on our way toward completing the documentary and the new album now. 



Much Love to you guys.  See you Friday.



"Songs of Water has a different kind of edge – a modernist, composer’s intelligence – which it applies to worldly, folky and classical textures. “We’re playful experimentalists,” says band member Stephen Roach, and from what I’ve heard, I’ll be a very willing subject. They use percussion with incredible taste and force. Strings, dulcimer and a variety of surprising instruments make rich and fascinating soundscape." — Craig Havighurst, Music City Roots

"When Roach sings, his voice is very soothing and often accompanied by a harmonious blend of backing vocals, giving them a Nickel Creek vibe vocally. Lyrically, the writing tends to have a personal, spiritual, uplifting aura without feeling excessively sanctuary bound." — Ryan Zerfas, Broken Records Magazine

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