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 We hope every one had a great Christmas and stuffed and drank themselves silly!

Now its time for bringing in the new year and Meansteed have just the party for YOU!!!

We are playing the Black Heart Bar in Camden along side the Bottlenex for The Big Cheese Magazine's New Years Bash. This is not to be missed! We've learnt a whole load of classic rock covers to play an extended set and its gonna be pure carnage!!!


See you at the bar!!!! Meansteed \m/



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"Well this be the band they call MeanSteed. Three guys an a gal who stuff attitude, cattitude an’ whatthehell’sthat-ittude into a landfill of riff’n’lick stomp‘n’pomp stink. The tongue’s so deep in the cheek pick you can pick out the tastebuds. And this? Well this be the EP they call Cabin Fever. [Soft Break][Soft Break]It kicks of in a blaze, whips up a storm, all thunderin’ drums, warrior howls and ya got me hooked hooks. The opening seconds of the first song that comes (that’s ‘Idiot Without A cause’ to you an I) piledrives an penetrates like no good goodgirl should and it just don’t let up. And why would ya wannit to? It’s quick short sharp shot of hardthing adrenaline that quits where it should leavin you wantin more."  Dick Venom,

"Meansteed are a band blessed with both technical grace and unfaltering fury and with this new batch of tunes and the much improved production 'Cabin Fever' will stand them in good stead when it comes to turning heads in their direction. Live their music explodes in your face like a confetti bomb laced with tequila worms and a nice sized slab of that delivery has been captured here on these four cracking tracks. Brash, furious and instantly addictive 'Cabin Fever' is a fine example of exuberant metal for a new generation of old schoolers."  Matt Phelps, Uber Rock

"Meansteed started things off with a high-octane, uncompromising rock 'n' roll show and riffs that made the crowd go wild! These guys know how to rock out and give the audience what they want; I will definitely be keeping an eye on Meansteed!"  Chris Danielson, SED Records


Camden Barfly London, UK Fri Apr 10 2015 07:00 PM Tickets
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