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hello besties!


Have any of you been sick this season? I was doing SO well with my immunity, then out of nowhere the cold of all colds attacked me.  There was a light break in between one bout and another where I got to write & share this little nugget: , which will hopefully be one of many nuggets, a collection of which I haven't really named yet, but want to get rolling despite bad planning (subject line? It sounded powerful).


The story of that mess is that I'm a serial procrastinator, even with music.  Yes, from time to time a song will happen like a flower growing in time-lapse photography and it's flat land one second then BAM awesome song.  Most of the time, I just get the seed planted, and I get these random plantings on my hard drive.


They are taking up a lot of space.


I got that message the other day that my hard drive was almost full and I better start cleaning it up.


So you and YouTube are going to help me.


When these songs strike and I run down to the music room like a mad woman to get it down before I forget, I will be sharing those videos.  It might be a verse, it might be almost a full song, but it will be raw.  Some of them may sound alike because they haven't found their purpose yet. I might be in my pajamas (sorry). I don't want to let songs fester.  I don't feel ashamed of the "mess" I am holding on to, but I do feel like I've been hoarding stuff that I'd like to share.  Share my mess!!  I want to connect with you and talk to you and see you at shows and go to your shows and share share share.  Please please please please please.


Some clips are amazing. Some of them suck.  They're like appetizers at a party, and who doesn't like those?!? Also I can make some pretty funny faces when I sing (thank you YouTube screencap previews). Come out and see them in person sometime - if you tell me you're coming, I'll prepare some extra special ones.


Hope to sing to you again soon,





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