Jamie Potter

Hello there, friend.


It's been a while. You seem...different. Sad? Not really. Contemplative? Perhaps. A little bloated like the current political, cultural, economic quagmire we're in? Yep, I feel that too. But don't worry: this Sunday at Empire night club in Springfield shall begin my reign of musical awesomeness to bring the cosmic drift back into balance. Think of it like an opposite reign of terror - only positive, upbeat, a bit twangy, with slightly questionable stage banter and really great hair. Actually I have no hair left. But that doesn't matter, you don't need hair to write songs. Aliens have been doing it for years.


Seriously though, I'm really lucky to have you part of my fanbase. This fanbase consists of my mother and father, my wife, our two dogs, a guy who I gave a sleeping bag to and lives in the back of my RAV4, a bus full of kids who I told I was Kenny Chesney, and maybe God if he's still up there. Even if you don't make it out to Empire this Sunday for my REVERSE REIGN OF MUSICAL TERROR, just know that I'm cooking up some sweet new ditties like this morsel, fresh out of the tollhouse oven: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XMCZvgdVYQ0&feature=c4-overview&list=UUOcsPO2CNJmjmsR8JIXftjA


In closing:


Jamie Potter & Friends

6:30pm at Empire

6355 Rolling Rd, Springfield, VA 22152

Tickets still available at:



Enduring love to you,






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