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The long and exceptional project in the studio is finished and I am gratefull to you, my faithfull fans of excellent music. Please visit my web site to download "Apples & Angels" until June 1. If you would like to learn the history about how this song came to be, please read to the end. Three additional new works have been posted, "Be a Lazareth" a motivational song everyone needs to have. "Somethin Goin on!" was written both as a motivational song and also a way to express my gratitude for those who keep our way of life possible. It will get your feet movin. "EASTER", we remember "The Passion" and we enjoy bunnies and chocolate during this special time. "EASTER" brings much more to the story and I hope you'll agree with me on the ending. Download "Apples & Angels" for free until June 1. This is my way to remind people about the dangers that come with tyrany and the evil that resides in the heart of man.....


                                      How "Apples & Angels" came to be.


Over two years ago my brother-in-law, Wayne Mantle, mailed me a copy of a holocost story about a boy who survived a death camp during the end of the second WW. I, being a bit more emotional than most men and being keenly aware of the challenges this world faces with evil in the form of tyrany, I was deeply moved and this song, "Apples & Angels" is both my response and reflects many of the traditional values that family, love, suffering, our inate instinct for survival, risk, hope and the final words a very caring mother would say to her son knowing these would be the last word he would hear. I was born well after the WW2 and I am never surprised by both the good in people and the bad in all of us. This was a very difficult subject to write about. this story also inspired a movie entitled "A boy and the Fence". My writing the song "Apples & Angels" does not entitle legitimacy, but the many truths incorporated within the song are legitimate. We need to care about our way of life and keep our eyes wide open all the time just incase it starts to dissapear. It has started.......Please listen to and download "Be a Lazareth, Somethin goin on and Easter". Please share these songs and I hope you'll join with me, Viceroybill to help keep our world safe for future generations.....Vbill


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