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Austin, TX
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 Well well well, what have we here?

A beautiful start to a beautiful year.

I do believe with all my heart that there is only one direction life can go, and that the nature of the universe is to be better and better all the time.  There is no limit to how happy we can be.  No need to hold back for fear that we're going to use all of it up, or hit the peak of the hill just to roll down the other side to our bored and unhappy demise.  Sometimes I worry that I'm running out.  Sometimes I worry that the world is running out.  Of what?  Of resources, of creativity, of new ideas, of general Good Things.  For every good song that is written that's one less good song in the pot.  For every creative endeavor that's one less thing that can be discovered.  Isn't it?  

I spent much of last year working my way out of that mindset.  And thank God, 'cause it sure was a heavy thing to carry.  I began to feel a bit ashamed that I would ever accuse the Universe of being anything less than infinite.  I began to feel tremendously excited and humbled to think of how many things people think of to create and then never do.  What if?  What if everybody created everything they ever dreamed of creating?  That is what joyfully calls me into this year.


I vow this year to be kinder to myself.  

I vow to judge less and give more.

I vow to do more of what I love and less of what I don't. 

I vow to let go of everything, and know I cannot keep something that was never meant to stay.

I vow to breathe. 

I vow to look in the mirror often and say, "Shawnee, you can do it.  And Shawnee, I love you."

I vow to live more and hesitate less.

I vow to be happier than I've ever been.


And since I can't figure out how to attach any photos on here for you, I'll send you to this one:

Do not be afraid....Fly!


Much Love and Much Thanks,








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"Shawnee Kilgore is to music as velvet gloves are to diamond cutters. She holds all this beauty in her hand, raw and untouched, then she chips away until it gleams in the light, holding on with a soft gentleness that she has perfected."  James Hardesty, Green Frog Acoustic Tavern

"Shawnee’s in my very highest category of songwriter: Those whose next song I can’t wait for them to write."  Danny Schmidt

"... a real mix of childlike wonder and dark sophistication."  Margaret Bikman, The Bellingham Herald


One-2-One Bar Austin, TX Mon Feb 09 2015 07:00 PM  
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