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If there is anyway to forget about this washout of a summer we are having it might be through listening to music and if you havent managed to find a copy somewhere already you may be pleased to know you can now get your hands on some more of mine!!


From shouting out of tune melodies in my first  punk band as a kid to teaching myself guitar to writing my first song on a £20 guitar.


From making demo (cassette) tapes and trying to make inventive press packs, to sending out one after another with little or no response I can finally say... album is now available to BUY or DOWNLOAD IN ALL GOOD RECORD STORES!!!! 


I Just want to say a massive thanks to all of you who have stuck by me and continue to.


Please Share this, comment on wherever you see my album for sale, buy it, dowload it (legally please?) blog about it but most of all listen and enjoy it.  


Hope to see you soon.





Some of the shops you can buy from;





As well as some great independant stores



Thu Jan 29 2015 Barnstaple, DEV, UK Lilicos  
Thu Feb 19 2015 Braunton, DEV, UK SQ BAR & Restaurant  
"****- Q Magazine (March 2012)"  — Andy Fyfe, Q magazine
"Dermot O'Leary-friendly, falsetto-loving Devonian hits the jackpot!"  — Hazel Davis, Americana UK
"Annoyingly Good!"  — Dermot O'Leary, BBC radio 2
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