Tine Bruhn

Dear Friends,


Happy New Year!


I'll be performing at Robert in NYC every week this month - so there are plenty of chances to come by!

On the 3rd, Anthony Wonsey is on piano and the other nights it will be with Johnny O'Neal at the keys.


I'm very happy to announce the release date of my upcoming record: March 26!

"Nearness" is a duo recording of standards with Johnny O'Neal on piano - and tenor saxophonist Stacy Dillard plays on four tracks.

I can't wait to share the music with you! We recorded it this past August in Brooklyn and it's good to go.. Now, patience isn't a quality of mine and I would love to get it out there now - but I'll have to wait! :-)


We will have a release concert at Zinc Bar and I'll let you know very soon when this will be.


Until then, stay warm, yet cool - and happy,



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