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Greetings Everyone!

Just wanted to touch base with you from Redefine-land. We're playing a show tonight (Friday, August 16) at The Curtain Club in Dallas. We'll be sharing the stage with our friends in White Elephant, who are releasing a CD this evening. Also playing will be Red Angel Theory, I am Warbird and Crimson Moonilight.


We're definitely excited for the show. We're also going to be debuting a song tentatively titled Battle Hymn, from our upcoming EP we're preparing to record. Two other new songs, Whole and All That Ever Was will be in the set tonight - along with your list of Redefine favorites.


Come out and rock with us. Again, here's the info:


Friday August 16 - Redefine Live at The Curtain Club. 11:30 PM. Doors at 8.


See you there!

-Your friends in Redefine.



"This five piece rock band hails from Dallas, Texas. Perhaps simply living in such a large state affects these guys. Perhaps it does not. Regardless, the band has a massive sound. Redefine’s music is hefty, in your face, and consistently shifting to keep the listener on their toes."  Penfold, The Ripple Effect (Ripple Music)

"Redefine have clearly decided to focus on melody rather than making a heavier record than "The Power Of Persuasion", but each song still has the right amount of heaviness. They've evolved into one of the finest bands in the Metroplex, combining addictive, sing-along songs with skilled musicianship and sweaty, powerful live performances. Blur On The Horizon is a must-have EP for anyone who loves original rock music."  Tim Taylor, Blur On The Horizon CD review, Jam Magazine

"Releasing a CD is always a huge event for a band, but it was only one huge event happening for these guys this night, as they were presented with their plaque next. Their plaque that will hang on the Wall of Fame here at the Curtain Club alongside many of Dallas’s best known talents. …And as for “Blur on the Horizon”, it’s great! Most of the songs lack the hard driven rock edge that their last EP had, but that isn’t a bad thing, it just shows that the band has another side to them. And “Motorcade” is really the only exception to that. The funny thing though is that doesn’t carry over to the live versions of the songs, as they sound just as balls out rock as all of their material does. So preview it on iTunes, and I promise it is WELL worth the $4.95 price tag."  Jordan Buford, The Music Enthusiast Blog


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