Rachel Mae

 I got the news this morning,

that I did not win the B-School scholarship I was trying for. I read the email sitting in my car and a wave of disappointment washed over me. In that same moment I recalled something wise Minnie Pearl once said.

She said “Show Business is made up of disappointments, and it’s through life’s disappointments that you grow.” As I reflected on my own growth from this experience a man walked in front of my car wearing a hat with a price tag still attached... I kid you not!

Now If thats not a sign from cousin Minnie Pearl telling me to keep me chin up and a smile on my face I don’t know what is! 

The kind words of support and love so many of you have bestowed upon me the past few days was the greatest treat and made the whole process so worth the shot I took. Thank you all for believing in me and my dream!

#GrandOleOpryGonnaBe  #NeverStopChasing 


Rachel Mae

"I am a country fan born again with, Rachel Mae! I have fallen in love with this woman's voice which is strong as oak and as sweet as molasses."  — Kellie J. Wright, Internal Narcissus, NWCZ Radio
"Rachel Mae is a singer-songwriter with a gorgeous voice that delivers honest and direct songs about different parts of her life. She's very likable and is a great storyteller both on stage and off."  — Chris Burlingame, Another Rainy Saturday
"Rachel Mae is a throw-back country sweetheart with a nostalgic style. "  — The Weekly Herald, Everett Washington
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