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West Hollywood, CA
Rock / Alternative / Hip Hop
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There is a word in my native Japanese language, it's "Hakanai". It means: fleeting, short lived, transient, momentary, and empty. It is spelled with two Japanese words that are "a person" and "dream"

Throughout my adolescent, I've always thought that those words need to be changed..

Fast forward to today, there is a man named Ko, who had a great dream.

That dream was to have a local great jam spot in the middle of Little Tokyo - downtown Los Angeles, where everyone can come together to eat, drink, and see bands perform.

It was a dream to open the doors to all types of artists, especially his fellow Japanese rockers to showcase their talents without feeling like they are outsiders.

A dream to have a place where people can just be themselves...

Even though his dream was nothing but "Hakanai," but it came true! And now he is leaving with an undeniably beautiful legacy that is carved onto each and every one of our hearts!

Please join us this Saturday, as Ko opens the doors for 2nd Street Jazz for the last time.

We want to make sure that the door will be heavy, not only with countless amounts of bittersweet memories, but with the weight of all of our thank you's and love for all he's done for so many years.....

Goodbye 2nd Street Jazz...

My band, Lolita Dark will be the very last band to ever stand on the stage of 2nd street Jazz this Saturday.

We'd like to thank Ko and Tune in Tokyo for giving us this honor.

Lolita Dark - Saturday 1/26/13 @ 12:30am
The door is $10 and includes a $5 drink ticket.
It is an 18 and over event.


Please come drink and be entertained all night by all the great bands chosen for this glorious night!

And above all, Please Come support the legacy of this amazing man and let him know that we'll keep his light on in our hearts forever!

Eternal Love & Bliss,


Ray of Lolita Dark <3


**PS Don't forget to download our latest single "SK9" is available for download NOW!



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"Dig Jelly has an infectious groove, hard hitting, yet not overbearing. Vocalist Rayko possesses a commanding stage presence and a take-charge presence on stage. This is important, I believe, especially in a band fronted by a female. Winning over a crowd presents a tougher challenge, and Rayko definitely delivered."  Bruce Forrest, All Access Magazine


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