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"Friday, August 29th. 2014 MAXX12 is finally up and at em' with new show's coming up (QUARTER NOTE Saturday October 25th / 1214 Apollo Way, Sunnyvale, California 94086 / PH# (408) 732-2110 ) Other news is the recent reviews of the brand new & not yet officially released: MAXX12 16 song C.D. "Special Forces" Check out some of the rave reviews that MAXX12 has gotten lately........................<<<>"  Terwilliger, MAXX12 Special Forces

"Today MAY 29th 2014 The brand new MAXX12 album "Headed For The Sun" is out, and hitting the charts with a vengeance! You can still get a FREE download from our <> site. To purchase the full length 16 song C.D. send $16.00 to: 5669 Snell Ave. #357 San Jose, CA. 95123 and get a FREE MAXX12 T-Shirt along with your C.D.!"  NEXCORP, They Came To Set The Record Straight

"Today's news for MAXX12: Over the weekend of 05/18/2014: 6,009 Fans clicked on MAXX12 Ads. 1,477 Fans interacted with MAXX12. 10,996 Fans recommended us to their friends. Comparisons to the bands CHICKEN FOOT were made and on a scale of 1-5 MAXX12 scored a 5.0 which is great! BAD COMPANY also scored a 5.0 which is great! CHEAP TRICK a 3.5 which is good! And Interestingly comparisons were also made to IRON MAIDEN and scored a 3.3 which also falls into the good category! Our Facebook presence has reached a whopping 36,000 likes while My Space is sitting at 16,000 and other sites help to bring up MAXX12 fan numbers to almost 100,000 fans and growing! The brand new album which is titled "Headed For The Sun" should be out in about another week so get prepared to have your faces melted by this New sounding and innovative Hard Rock/Swampy/slightly metallic band called MAXX12. And by the way in case you didn't know, a MAXX12 is when all of the earths 12 Tectonic Plates shift simultaneously!"  NEXCORP, MAXX12 is Headed For The Sun


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