San Jose, CA
Rock / Hard RAWK n' RAWL / The New SWAMP RAWK n' RAWL
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"Look for the newest full length C.D. release from MAXX12 titled: "HEADED FOR THE SUN" Critic's and Radio Personalities are already heralding this MAXX12 Sophmore release "Headed For The Sun" as likely to become a true rock classic by years end! Get your advance copies (and signed by the band) of the first run quick before they run out!"  NEXCORP, HEADED FOR THE SUN C.D. Release!

"The new members of MAXX12 have been working out famously. Brand new songs like "Fools" "Boy" & "Rockbound" have catapulted this Swamp Rawk/Metal outfit into a new realm of popularity. New fans as well as old timer fans have all agreed that MAXX12 continues to deliver the goods when it comes to songwriting expertise!"  NEXCORP, SWAMPY HARD RAWK N RAWL

"With Brand New band members along with 13 Brand New Song's including their innovative and scorching New Hit Single "HEADED FOR THE SUN" MAXX12 has once again proven their incredible staying power and #1 position in the Rock Music Genre! The buzz here in the U.S. & Canada as well as overseas about MAXX12 is that their music is proving to be placed in that highly sought after position of classic, timeless sound. Their song's have captured the attention of a wide age group and has even crossed over into several different genres as well. Take a listen for yourself and you will surely, and quickly become a MAXX12 fan!"  Chris Saud, MAXX12 "HEADED FOR THE SUN"


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