Bobby Wayne Lawson / Press

“In April,'06 Bobby Was Inducted Into The Rockabilly Hall Of Fame, Thanks To Founder And Curator Mr. Bob Timmers... Bobby Says: I Am Honored To Be There With The Truly Greats Of Rockabilly Music... The Rockabilly Hall of Fame was established on March 21, 1997 to present early rock and roll history and information relative to the artists and personalities involved in this pioneering American music genre. Headquartered in a former recording studio in Burns,Tennessee near Nashville, the first induction certificate was issued on November 16th, 1997 for singer Gene Vincent. The creation of Bob Timmers, the not-for-profit entity maintains a website that is supported in part by the fans and artists of the music it represents. Among those recognized by the Rockabilly Hall of Fame are pioneer singers, songwriters, disc jockeys and promoter/producers such as Sun Records owner Sam Phillips. The Rockabilly Hall of Fame has been recognized by the Country Music Hall of Fame and Museum.”