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alka / Press

"Thanks for the Alka CD, space-central instra-mental, fo sho"

Colin Angus (The Shamen) - via email

“Alka is particularly exceptional at weaving percussive patterns that evolve and twist throughout his tracks”

“fanny + psychedelic feeling of floating + spacey synths + distorted + mild high-tone electronics and Glitter”

“[alka] blends a huge palette of sound into some of the most memorable and emotive electronica.”

“Amidst a sea of moody beats, tin chirps and steady pulses, Alka's "Principles of Suffocation" creates a multifaceted landscape to envelope listeners.”

“Alka weaves together his banks and banks of electronics into a lush, ethereal realm where beats and synths wash up next to each other on fizzy shores.”

“finely engraved and kick Chiridjiri spacious space in its mellow, crunchy crisp”

“Alka creates meticulously assembled, multi-layered tracks that are lush, strongly melodic, and equally melancholic and uplifting. Stately keyboard luminescence with tight, clickety beat patterning in a manner not far different from Arovane.”

“the best sci-fi mystery soundtrack without a movie in 2009... a textural creation of epic proportions that hints at how technology will one day rule the world.”

“a finely tuned pastel symphony that weds dub-lite beats to spacey, chiming ambience. Standout "Side Of A Mountain"'s wah-wahed warm synth pads slur over percolating tin-can rat-a-tatting that matches the poker-faced hyperactivity of Aphex Twin's propulsive rhythms.”