burntsystems (burntrobot) / Press

“Love it. All your stuff. Electro psychedelica is my name for it!”


“Beautiful, trippy, dark and hypnotic !!!”

“Tripadelic man!”


“You both are seriously great artist... I hope you keep rollin' out the good stuff... Expression is much a beautiful thing...”

John Tam - BRONZE

“i love your (music). i love that is has a loose, almost improv feel to it, and its got a really good groove always.”

“Very nice. Great trippy mix :) Ending feels perfect, like a thought is completed.”

M. Bussa - Magz The Cat

“Like an electro blues brothers”

“Your best yet. You left the industrial-goth sound and replaced it with some mysterious-other worldly sounding sense of humor funk. (Ref: Medley-not like HS anymore)”

E Q - Punch Drunk

“You guys remind me of those guys from NYC. Management? Who? MGMT. Yeah, that's who.”

NBC - Jonathan NBC

“Like a 21st century Blues Brothers!”

unknown thought on Angel Pirates new Acid Jazz set - unknown

"Sounds like Cartoons" referring to AngelPirates trax called : lickingthecandy

"like if tom waits knew how to work tha knobs"

WillyPhilly - Facebook

“it's trippy man ;p ”

“Great job, cool song. Kind of like Sisters of Mercy meets Nick Cave”

Will Merkle - via facebook

“The Heavy beats burn a clean hole that connects your ears and lyrics pin your mouths edges to your ears! Get burnt?”

Stranded - Live!