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Builder of the House / Press

"This Portland, Maine (artist) delicately blend elements of folk, bluegrass, and Americana into a pleasingly fragile, jaunty, and harmonic whole, with the snappy tempos and jubilant beats creating a happy vibe that’s rousing and endearing in equal measure. Moreover, there’s a sweet and upbeat quality to this music that’s impossible to either dislike or resist."

"So, here’s what I think is brilliant about this whole thing, if it isn’t obvious already: Builder of the House brings their Facebook marketing into the real world in a relatively non-obtrusive way, silently broadcasts their band name to the entire crowd for the duration of the evening, and adds the extra human touch– a guy coming around introducing the band to each person at the show, inviting them to like ‘em on Facebook, and rewarding those who do with a free MP3."

"Rob writes great memorable tunes with super smart lyrics...and he has a nifty voice that is instantly warm and appealing. We particularly love the band name and web site. This guy's going to develop a sizable following fast..."

"(Cimitile) has got this smirk in his voice, a subtle and knowing wink, that makes all of his playful and upbeat songs at least one level more interesting." "The Dixieland of "Schizophilia" is well done, too, with a cool vocal construction that pairs a bass part going "boom, bom, bom" with high-up "oooh-ooh," like doo-wop paired with old-time vamp-jazz."

"With some musical comparisons to Jack Johnson and Elliott Smith, Cimitile has that whispery-thin, "maybe I care, maybe I don't" style of singing that has become really popular in recent years. The difference here is that Cimitile's lyrics are so meaningful and deep that the contradiction of a carefree spirit within the music composition makes for an interesting ride."

"On I Am a Tidal Wave, Cimitile employs a host of local musicians, and impressively navigates many avenues in the folk neighborhood, from upbeat bluegrass to Jack Johnson-y melodrama, though at his most compelling, his songs fall adhere to patient, plaintive, wistful arrangements which recall the finer moments of Nick Drake, only less dead."

"The soft, instantly-palatable folk instrumentation is perfectly accompanied by Cimitile’s warm, whispery voice." "The first track, “Niktricity,” has nearly the same vibe as Norwegian singer-songwriter Sondre Lerche’s score of the 2007 film “Dan In Real Life.” The movie chronicles a family vacation at a cabin surrounded by woodsy views and loved ones, so that comparison is desirable." "The title track sounds like the type of music Jack Johnson would have made had he been from the South instead of constantly trying to catch the next big wave in Hawaii. The jaunty tune shares much of the whimsy prevalent in Johnson’s material, but the “lalala” chorus adds a slight sense of melancholy before picking the happy right back up. The contrast adds a nice dynamic, giving the song more dimensions and thus making it more enduring."

““Fire Dawn Breaking” is probably my favorite due to how far out Cimitile lets himself go. With guitar, bass, electronic bells and multiple tracks of affected vocals, the tune builds a dense atmosphere to get lost in. “Schizophilia” closes things out on a much lighter note, filled to the brim with harmonies and held down by finger snaps and ukulele.”