Bud Summers / Press

“music lovers will fall in love with what they hear. Summers has created something special”

“Summers gets back to basics by focusing on what really matters - good songwriting and solid playing”

"...songs are simply GREAT."

Brad C. -Fayetteville, AR - Facebook

"You'll feel like your coupons have been tripled"- Brian B. - Decatur, IL

"Even twenty-three-year-olds like him" - Brown Hat Girl - Carbondale, IL

"voice sounds like he woke up with a hangover, and now he's chain smoking and telling his tale to a friend" Paul R. - St Louis, MO

"Bud’s the real deal man Lots of people try to make music. Bud is music." Larry S. - Grand Rapids, MI

"The overall sound of the songs is a bit of folksy-country, mixed with a tad of bluesy jazz, and topped off with just a touch of a rocker’s edge. If that description sounds like there’s too much going on, don’t worry. This fusion of styles is accomplished very well"

“Summers' Time- CD Release Show at Mac's”

“Cool country song with perfect melody! Artist: Bud Summers Title: Comin Home”

““….played with a degree of passion and enthusiasm that you just don’t see….with feeling and artistry…. " A.E. Hamberg- Carbondale, IL”

“Last Saturday Night.....We had an outstanding Live CD Recording Party w/ Bud Summers On-Stage playing all of his latest tunes plus his past two CD's. He was joined on stage by our own Marc Waters on Percussion and Vocals and Jason McAtee on Bass and Vocals.....the Band was hot and Buds vocals and songwriting made it all happen....WOW he kicked &^%$#&*(........we will do this one again....hopefully on a regular basis.....it was really an honor having Bud.”

“melodic guitar lines tinged with blues, rock, classical and jazz influences”

"Always standing tall- even when he's sitting down"- Stephen K. - Fairview Hts, IL

“Music is really appealing! The melody is so good! Artist: Bud Summers Title: Big World”

“What groundhogs listen to when they're not looking for their shadows. A little bluesy, a little jazzy and not too far from the rock.-”