Buddha's Groove Shoes / Press

“Buddha’s Groove Shoes has solidified its purpose as a jam band after searching over most of this year for a permanent bass player to replace a founding member. Bassist Jack Jennings is a full-fledged musical partner, said songwriter and drummer Josh Stone. “This is what we’ve been waiting for from the get-go,” he said. “We mesh really well. He’s got that passion and drive we were looking for — the commitment.” “People used to call me ‘two fingers’ because I move them really quickly,” said Jennings, who has played rock and bluegrass and has worked with singer Kristi Merideth. “We definitely have our songs together, but there’s always (moments) where we can take off,” Stone said. “Each member will know when that happens, just by someone going somewhere else.” “Even if you’re just doing it in front of a few people, there’s some sort of energy, and comfort, and happiness and bliss,” he said. “I’m crazy-passionate about music. That’s all I”