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“When Bryan turned 18, he gave up his dishwashing job at a pie house, sold his pick-up truck for $400.00, purchased his first “real” electric guitar and enlisted in the United States Army Infantry at Fort Drum, NY. “When we weren’t in the field training or deploying somewhere, I was playing guitar, this is what I did with the majority of my off time.” ”

“Country music just can’t contain Bryan Cowsert. And now, that he’s put together a regiment of guys to form Far From the City, he’s ready to stir things up. Together with Jeff LaFosse on Bass and Venture Carter on Drums, they’ve brought the “power band” to country music. From Texas to Tennessee and everywhere in between, this “American Soldier” and his road brothers have put in many miles on the way to developing dreams. Far From the City is a rock band with the right touches of country in the right places. * “Uncle Sam” and its show of strong political truths. * ”I Wasn’t Ready” and its true heart-felt soul. * “Ma’s Breez” with its shear raw hillbilly power. These are good definitions of who Bryan and the boys are. They aren’t a band to dress things up in the studio, what you hear live is what you hear in their hearts. Sometimes we all need a good swift kick to keep us in check. And that’s what Far From the City does for country music.”

““Bryan is a very professional, talented singer/songwriter who is easy to work with. Very friendly and timely!” ”

Brianna Nightingale, Staff Journalist - Country Stars Online

“The Highway, by Bryan Cowsert The more reflective and gentler side of BC this is a summer road song, just the thing to listen to in your car while driving along. It starts with an unplugged "porch picking" feel of Just Bryan on vocals and acoustic guitar, then @ 0:32 the drums and rest of the band kick in to drive this track along nicely. On this track look out for: * That acoustic guitar solo @ 1:37, simple but effective. No flashy techniques, but it does fit precisely as it should as the notes allow the song to keep on moving. It takes a good player to know when to hold back and play less! * I love that vocal phrase "where will you go...etc" at this point Bryan's voice changes to what I can only describe as a "keaning yearning" quality; Kind of like the ghosts of that high and lonesome sound (Bill Monroe bluegrass) had popped in to give a gentle nudge. You'll have to listen to this to appreciate what I mean. John Casson-”

John Casson-London, England - John Casson

"Where rock meets country, usually a very special sound is born. Bryan Cowsert has landed right in the middle of this union. With rocking political songs like Uncle Sam, he shifts gears into a white knuckle ride of rock and country mix. The “American Soldier” started with drums in the fourth grade and while enlisted continued his music with some of the guys on base. After the military, Bryan joined up with an old cohort and became a member of Dreemwich. And years later, he heard the Nashville lights calling and decided to take on the “Music City”. Bryan say, “I enjoyed the energy and emotional life messages from the music.” Thereafter, he started writing country songs and finding ways to incorporate all his musical experiences into it. And now Bryan is setting precedent in the Black Label Country scene with a smooth groove and a raunchy guitar that is definitely not your father’s country music."

"The category of "Texas Rock" is an excellent fit with Bryan's musical work. Listening to a number of Bryan's tracks it's clear:- * Bryan has highly developed musician skills on both electric and acoustic guitar. Vocals to an equally high standard. * He's adept at a number styles, ballads, hard county, rock. (by turns hi energy, or gentle) When you are most definately not a "one trick pony" (and clearly Bryan is not) the overall category of your music can be hard to place. Closest match I have in mind is (strangely?) Johnny Winter: i.e music played with a lot of feel and emotion, but with a good dash of that slightly rowdy gritty feel, unique to the Lone Star state. (Loud? It can be. Will you love it? Yes!)" March 24, 2011 John Casson (Consultant Coach at John Casson Consulting ) worked with Bryan at Byan Cowsert

“ Music for Causes People who want to listen to music and help those in need have choices. Blue Bonnet Palace in Selma will be the setting Saturday from noon-8 p.m. for “Zellfest,” designed to raise funds for the Clayton Murphy Peroxisomal Disorders Research Fund at Baylor College of Medicine. Music will be by Roadside Libby, Keegan Reed Band, Manhattan Silver, Bryan Cowsert & Far From the City, Bryan Boyce, Luke Huggins and James Pardo. ”