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Brothers N Arms / Press

"Brothers N Arms show you that, if music were a weapon, Texas could be accused of creating WMD’s (Weapon’s of Mass Destruction) and iTunes of being an illegal arms dealer."

“Brothers –N- Arms is a nice little 3-piece Christian rock band from College Station, TX. Earlier this year the band released a 3-song EP themselves entitled The Good Fight. These guys put together a typical straight-ahead rock sound with mild hooks that are easy on the ears. A quick listen to the lyrics will make it obvious to anyone with an IQ above 50 that the lead vocalist, Daniel Vines, is singing about something he is passionate about. All songs contain strong Christian lyrics that don’t sound like your average praise chorus or hymn, but still contain a message.As stated above, lead vocals are handled by Daniel Vines, who also takes care of all of the guitar work. Jesse James lays down the bass lines with a warm, fat tone. And drums are held together by Joey Vines. These three guys deliver a no-frills performance on basic “rock” songs. To be more specific, I would classify this as a straight-ahead Strat-type rock with a slight bluesy influence played with a metal flair....”

“The “Brothers N Arms” experience is definitively a notable one. It’s an experience that falls right into line with the saying, “Never judge a book by its cover.” Better yet, “Never judge a gift by its size.” While reviewing “Brothers N Arms” press kit materials, I began listening to “The High Road”. With their band photograph still on the forefront, of my mind, the first verse kicks in. The vocals received were totally unexpected as was their simultaneous release of a sound so powerful. In short, “Brothers N Arms” is a Talented Trio Rock Band that not only sounds “more powerful” than what most people visualize, when they hear the "word" Trio, they also have a Unique Story of how they formed as a group. Some may think, “What are the odds?” I think what a blessing”

“A breath of fresh air, great bass and lead...good vocals a must add to your collection. Very reminiscent of the 80's in a very good way, with an edge that cuts and will keep you going. I look forward to hearing much more from this band and soon ♫”

“Fb songs. Im not a huge fan these days of straight forward hard rock/metal. this however is pretty good music. The vocals are good, the guitars and drums are well played. The songs are kinda catchy. If your it this genre then you should definitely check it out. I bet you guys put on a fun live set. 6 out of 10”

“This is stripped-down punk/metal in its purest form & I love it. The band members all have chops on their instruments, but they don't hide their very clear message behind fast guitar riffs. The message is front & center. I love the choppy opening to "Breathe", as well as the dabbling in screamo between melodic lines. I actually like the kind of "bare-bones" production as well.”

“My bro recommended this to me and I'm sure glad he did! This is music meant to be played LOUD. The single "His Words" is really good, but I actually like the scathing rebuke of abortion in "Breathe" better! "It's your choice! It's your right! It's your body! But it's my life!". All 3 songs RAWK. Only download if you wanna RAWK.”

“I have been waiting for years for a rock band to make music worth listening to. I love 90's alternative/grunge/rock and this puts a little of all of that including a little punk all rolled into one. Plus the music puts out a great message. It has been a long while since I have herd a few songs be so powerful. Thanks Brothers -N- Arms for this great 3 song album.”

“congrats to Brothers N Arms our band of the month you will see their pic up at the corner of the page their charity and love for others embody's everything we think that a band should be there is no ego just love with these guys that's what makes them the band to look to this month! we love you guys and think you deserve it!”

“BEST SHOW I"VE SEEN IN YEEAARRSS WITH 3 REGIONAL BANDS. I'm not supposed to say this....but Signal Rising f'n killed it last night. It was a great night of Home Brewed ROCK in general, awesome show. Brothers N Arms had a great set, very cool dudes....I look forward to seeing them again. Dimitri's Rail was spot on too. Musically, not a weak point in the entire night. Good friends all around, it was 5 bucks on a Saturday. If you missed it....you either had a very serious prior obligation or your drool bib got knotted behind your head and confused you the entire evening.”