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Bring Your Ray Gun / Press

“Chicago's own dance rockers Bring Your Ray Gun ... provide feisty vocal distortion, wacky synths, and funky bass lines [with] trace elements of electro-rock groups like The Faint and Gang of Four. If past shows mean anything, the members of Bring Your Ray Gun love strutting around in their undies. Nothing says dance party like colorful briefs.”

“Chicago dance-rockers Bring Your Ray Gun seem poised for a remarkable future. The new-ish group took the stage at Pancho's with veteran swagger and a genuine desire to make people move. Heather Perry's catchy bass-lines meshed well with some tight drumming to create grooves that, well typical of the genre, never fell victim to predictability. Every now and then the guitar seemed to want to lead Bring Your Ray Gun into more all-out-rock-attack territory, only to have its leash pulled at the perfect moment. Lead singer Josh Lambert has a bit of Eric Paul in him, 'cept that Lambert looks like he's having the time of his life onstage. You get the feeling they'd almost rather be dancing in the crowd than making the music. Almost. The vibe was so contagious that Pancho himself was behind the bar grinning like a fool and jamming on a wood block. It'd be a shame if BYRG weren't gigging outside somewhere in the city this summer. They have 'street festival show stealer' written all over them.”