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Brian Jermaine / Press

"Ol Skool" is gonna buy you a lot of houses....That Song is Johnny "Guitar" Watson meets 2013.


“One of the best live performers you will see and a rising star here in the Bay Area. Love the music!”


“We like the way you perform and think that your talent is extremely promising!”


“Your songs are outstanding!”


“OMG....you can sing to me anytime<3 Your voice is amazing and soooo sensual”


“He is a cross between Luther Vandross and Barry White.”

Brotha T

“Luther Vandross Lives!!!!!!!”

J. Gapasin

“His versatility is daunting..I remember him sharing songs with me from a cd he did called "Introduction To A'Cappella Recording" ....He was singing all the parts Soprano Alto Tenor Barritone and Bass.. It was mind blowing.”

Terry Bradshaw

“He's in a class all by himself.”

M. Lawson

“His range is ridiculous , I've heard him sing Barry White one minute and Prince the next and he did them both with ease.”

Jacob Reindhart

“He is The Ambassador of peace and love.”

Ricardo Lopez

“He is a musical encyclopedia.”

C. Douglas

“Brian is too young to have that much soul.”

B. Stoker

“I was amazed at how many people he has inside of him musically.”

A. Mitchell

“My music is my recorded legacy , If i dont ever make it big in the music industry im going to make sure that My music will tell the story of how i should have made it in the industry. To my fans old and new who have stuck with me and supported me i thank u and i love u. Thank you for giving me my respect and my just Due when other people didnt.(Record Exec's etc.) "people say real music does not exist any more.....yes it does we just have to go and find it and support it full force when we do."”

Brian Jermaine

“Believe The Hype!!!!”

Theodore Hethrington

“Brian I envy those keys of yours...OMg.. YOu definitely have a gift and it is quite an experience to listen to your stuff.....What a great sound you have.”


“The intro melody and tone on Private Affair give it a slight Oriental quality, that slowly transforms into a cool Jazzy dream.”


“Around Midnight is a smooth piano jazzy track that oozes of soul and virtuoso skills that only a master of his craft can command. And you surely fall into that group.”


“He is a fantastic Composer. His music is like a Vice Grip , Once it grabs you it wont let go.”

Jamila Westlake

“The speed that his fingers can hit the keys of a piano is the equivalant of raindrops falling on the ground. Thats why in school we called him "Rain Man" lol”


“If you are looking for an artist that can sing like Luther , write like Smokey , Arrange like Isaac and play like Donny then Brian Jermaine is the artist for you.”

Ricky Darden

“His style is Smooth and Sophisticated...... Very Professional especially for his age.”

Timothy Hartford

“He has a natural gift and ability to captivate an audience.”

R. Cunningham