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Branded Bandits / Press

“Branded Bandits are dropping a new EP, Change, on March 15, and the brother/sister/add-a-drummer duo are hitting hard. The guitar riffs are straight Zeppelin-esque, and the tempo is as fast as a heavy-hitting punk song. The attitude of the record’s production comes across very clearly- leave the focus on the talent, and forget all the bullshit. The guitar work shines through like the early morning sunlight rising through a cracked window shade, holding your attention more and more with each riff. This is, in my opinion, the heaviest hitting record out of Denver so far this year.”

“Brother bands in rock and roll have always been a staple, but Boulder-based Branded Bandits have brought a new level of sibling rivalry to the table that is just as fierce as any all-testosterone-driven act. Brother and sister John and Lulu Demitro and their bandmates don’t pull punches with this debut release that sounds like a mash-up of ’70s powerhouses like Cream and Steppenwolf and modern rockers like Wolfmother and The Dead Weather. It’s a bombastic sound, and the fact that both Demitros sing gives this solid six-song debut EP a varied texture that most groups in this genre would kill for.”

“Style is different from image. One is a natural occurrence you can thank mom and dad for; the other ... it's something people do when they're trying to hard. The gods-given style Branded Bandits exudes in it's debut album is unmatched in local talent right now. The classic rock-tinged attitudes these young artists portray aren't of this earth; and we hope that will never "Change."”

The Rooster

"The trio managed to enter a higher society of artistry by discharging a brand unlike any others in the provincial industry. With a seemingly natural ease of style, the three artists conjure up emotions akin to the nostalgic rhythms of classic rock icons and maintain the attitude without seeming tacky or overbearing. The best part of the emerging act is that the attempt isn’t a sour push to be ironic in old-fashion, rather, it’s a natural showing of who they are and what they’re about to become."

“First of all, I need to talk about the Branded Bandits. I get the feeling that most of you haven’t heard of these guys yet, but it’s about time you got schooled. These kids took the stage with fat X’s on their hands and enough blues in their souls to make Clapton jealous. Averaging 18 years old, they went up there and gave it their all, and it certainly showed. At some point in the near future, they are going to become huge; hop on the train now, and be able to say you knew them back when they were still opening for local bands at the Fox because these days won't be here forever. Blues rock has certainly been having a resurgence lately with bands like The Black Keys, Jack White, and Alabama Shakes taking the nation by storm, but it wasn’t until this show that I realized that Boulder is responsible for some of the more impressive blues that I’ve seen coming out these days.”